Innovation public procurement has a leading role in the solution of the "market system failure".

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Public Procurement and the need of business intelligence


Since 2004, Olga Produktion is a company that works in every possible way to get the private and public business to meet in its full potential. There are many miscreditations, myths and misunderstandings to be dealt with when it comes to the public procurement. The definition and concept of public procurement as a topic has become almost to contaminated to use in a clear, creative, innovative and legacy free way in a common business purpose of the public society as a regular business partner. For instance, every answer is clearly not found in the legal framework, instead of in the business itself.


Primarily fundaments of success factors in different projects such as, what we would like to call Public Procurement Innovation Project (PPIP), is to be used and incorporated in a wide sentence and in all kinds of procurement projects and structures. Hence, an adjacent warning flag should be raised regarding the new boundaries created by the use of modern and trendy concepts on classical issues. Misleading business partners to invest time and efforts in something that hardly will give any expected refund.


In the White Paper you can find above (by Fredrik Tamm and Per Hammarstedt et. al.), there are several examples that shows us how important the way we look at procurement is, and how we easily misses to use the complete definition and the full potential of the public market.

So, how could we create and use a full business approach to the public market? Read the WP, or Contact us. We love to be challenged!

Why Public Business (Procurement) is Crucial

Public Procurement is the market that historically has been the most important sponsor and driving force in developing and innovate new breaking technologies such as fundamental energy techiques or modern information technology as the Internet itself.

You migth say that the world market of private interests consists of an error in forms of the lack in demand for

new technologies. Public sector has the unique strength and body to create a market demand in the procurement of innovative of yet not existing techniques or solutions, showing in several cases that there is a human, social or other society need but no economic initiatives for the private sector to offer a solution.

If it is possible, why just don't do it?

The society holds a great need of taking care of its members, and especially the ones that for some reason needs extra support or aid. And the needs keeps on growing rapidly, in line with vast growing share of elderly people. The political budgets are thus facing harder and harder prerogatives, but the way we use the public means is developing too slow, if at all. We like to do things the way we have always done and resources

are most often to small to follow up and check if the investments made actually is well spent money or even meets the needs at all. However, many projects and perspectives enlights the value of demand and the progress of innovative solutions has already started. We just need a little time to find the best way to meet the end-users needs with ideas that's for real, and not legacy.

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